Frequently asked Questions

How much space is required to operate the train?

The minimum amount of space required to operate is 40' x 75'.  The turning radius is 40 ft.  

What kind of surface can the train run on?

Our train can run on any flat surface such as asphalt, cement, gravel, and grass.  The train cannot run on wet or muddy surfaces or up and down hills.  

Can the train be used in residential neighborhoods?

Due to our train's size and weight, we cannot do residential block parties, birthday parties, etc...  The train needs at least 40 ft to turn around.  Most residential roads are only 25-30 ft wide.  We specialize in larger events like festivals, fairs, school and church events where there is more space and the area is blocked off from traffic.  

Can the train run indoors?

No.  Our train runs off of diesel fuel and therefore can only be used outdoors.  

Who drives the train?

We provide a fully licensed driver/conductor.

Do you have insurance?

Yes.  We are fully insured in the State of Michigan.  We can provide a certificate of insurance if needed.  

How fast does the train go?

Our train can go up to 5 miles an hour.  

Can adults ride the train?

Yes.  Our train holds 16-24 people (Each seat holds 2-3 people).  It can hold up to 24 children (3 to a seat).  

Do you operate outside of Michigan?

No.  We only service Michigan.  Delivery fees apply.  See Rates.